Wedding Invitations | Customize Elegant Wedding Invites

When you want to select wedding invitations there are many questions in your mind like How to choose wedding invitations? What should you pay attention to? What are the nuances to consider? First of all, you need to decide on the budget – how much are you willing to spend on such a seemingly trifle as wedding invitations.

The most economical option is to purchase standard invitations from the store. And the savings concern not only money, but also time. Although, if a large number of people are invited to the wedding, then you may have to face difficulties, since the stores do not always have the required number of copies. But now in this century everyone wants to move towards automation and it is an amazing thing, you can design your own wedding card from scratch or using a template. There are beautiful and elegant wedding cards. You can just visit the website and create your own.

In this case, you will either need to go around several stores or buy different postcards. In principle, this is not so scary: the main thing is to send the same invitations to those people who communicate with each other. For example, buy one type of postcard for your friends, another type for parents’ friends, a third for relatives, and a fourth for colleagues. If saving is not included in your plans, it is worth making an individual order of invitations – the service of designing and printing invitations is provided by both printing houses and some wedding salons, as well as creative agencies and agencies involved in organizing weddings.

This option has several advantages: first, your invitations will be unique and inimitable; secondly, you can make themed invitations that reflect the concept of your wedding. Therefore, first a script of the celebration must be drawn up or ordered, a toastmaster for a wedding , etc.,must be found, so that you have a clear idea of ​​what your holiday will be like.

Content of wedding invitations

In addition, unlike standard postcards, wedding invites to order can contain several elements that will allow the most complete and interesting presentation of information about the upcoming event. So, according to modern etiquette, in the package (in an envelope) with an invitation, you need to put not only an invitation card (or a large postcard), but also, for example, a business card with all the contacts of the bride and groom, so that the invitees can report whether they can be at the wedding.

For the same purpose, an envelope with a stamp and an already inscribed (printed) return address of the bride and groom is enclosed so that the invitees can confirm their intention to attend the wedding using the post office or courier service. In addition, you can put a beautifully designed sheet in a large invitation envelope, which will briefly describe the concept of the upcoming event. You can also place the main menu here. On the same or on a separate sheet, you can print a map of the city indicating the place where the wedding itself and the subsequent banquet will take place.