How to Make Your Wedding Reception in Victoria BC More Fun

Getting engaged and planning your wedding reception are some of the most exciting times in your life. Once you’ve found that perfect venue it’s time to look at some unique and fun ways to make it special and memorable. So on to the finishing touches, the following are some unique ideas when planning your wedding reception.

  1. Choosing the perfect band or DJ – Start by picking the band or DJ is the best way to keep your wedding guests up on the dance floor all night long and begging for one last song. A band or DJ is a matter of personal choice or even budget, just be sure to find one that reflects your personal style. Ask around and meet before the big day to make sure it’s the right one for your reception.
  2. Bring in a live painter – Imagine how unique this idea is, having a portrait

CBD To Relieve Stress: Is CBD Oil Good For Anxiety?


It goes with saying that life stresses us out. People experiencing stress and anxiety, whether chronic or else, are always in quest of an effective and long-term solution. However, not many find the right remedy, but with the introduction of CBD oil, things have turned for the better.

What is CBD Oil? Aenaz ( states CBD (Cannabidiol) is extracted from the cannabis plant (used by mankind for thousands of years due to its benefits) and is available in many forms, including CBD oil. CBD oil, despite being produced from cannabis, does not get a person ‘high’; in fact, it is edible and can also be used as cooking oil.

CBD And Anxiety: Does CBD Really Work?

Until recently, CBD was associated with marijuana. Therefore, there has not been a ton of clinical studies, but the preliminary research seems incredibly promising apart from the anecdotal proof.

According …